Only men can receive the gift of vision from holy Tyhet and lead the provinces of Traidis as emperor -that’s what Inémé of house Traidis has always accepted as the truth. 

But when she receives not only one but two visions about terrifying future events, she knows she has to step up and look for the truth.

Is the emperor lying? Can someone stop the fireball  falling from the sky? And who is the stable boy whose life she believes she is called to save?


Rheas never felt at home in the harsh cold province of Artakis, where hard work and a cruel lord rule his life. The only comfort he knows lays in the arms of the lord’s son, Audion – both of them knowing: It won’t be forever.

When a noble woman he has never met before saves his life, Rheas‘ world radically changes. And at it’s center: the house of Soraccant.




I owe the bulk of the worldbuilding to my amazing partner who is not only a brilliant storyteller/writer but also an incredible game master. She created Traidis more than two decades ago inspired by different fantasy books and invited me to explore it with my own characters. One of them was Rheas who now gets a second chance at a happy ending.