Here we are! Page 100 and actually at the Soraccant castle!! I hadn’t really planned it that way at the beginning but I’m super pleased that it happened! (For those who recognize it, the castle is heavily influenced by the Scottish Eilean Donan Castle)

To celebrate this milestone I’m hosting a giveaway! The winner gets a Soraccant pin (welcome to the family!) and a mixed media portrait commission of an original character of your choice! 

To enter follow the rules:

Here are some examples:

Good luck everyone!! 

Also: I’m going to attend the „AnimagiC“ Convention in Mannheim 2-4 of August! This will be my second convention ever and I’m very excited for it! 😀 Come find me at table 4 of the „Künstlermarkt“!

Last but not least, I will take a three week SUMMER-break from the comic, but I will post additional artwork in the meantime, and Page 101 will be up 22nd of August!

I’ll see you soon! <3